Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace

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Introducing the Exquisite Heart Necklace – the Ultimate Gift for Her

Elevate your gifting game with our stunning Heart Necklace, a true embodiment of elegance and grace. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this piece is available in both timeless white gold and classic gold variations, adorned with mesmerizing baguette-cut 5A Cubic Zirconia stones meticulously set in a secure prong setting.

Radiating a mesmerizing brilliance, each stone captures and reflects light, creating an enchanting sparkle that's bound to captivate hearts. Our Heart Necklace is not just a jewelry piece; it's a symbol of your affection, beautifully crafted to resonate with the emotions you hold dear.

What sets our Heart Necklace apart is not only its exquisite design but also its exceptional quality. This masterpiece is engineered to be more than just visually captivating:

Tarnish-Free Brilliance: Rest assured, the allure of your Heart Necklace will remain unblemished over time. Our state-of-the-art materials ensure its tarnish-free shine stands the test of time.

Water-Resistant Assurance: Life happens, and our Heart Necklace is designed to withstand it. From unexpected rain showers to accidental splashes, your gift will remain as stunning as the day it was given.

Hypoallergenic Comfort: We understand the significance of comfort. That's why our Heart Necklace is hypoallergenic, ensuring a irritation-free and comfortable experience for every wearer.

Unparalleled Polishing: Our artisans have dedicated their skills to perfecting every facet of the Heart Necklace. The result is an exquisite piece with a flawless, mirror-like finish that captures attention from every angle.

Scratch-Resistant Durability: Whether it's daily wear or special occasions, your Heart Necklace will retain its beauty without falling victim to everyday wear and tear, thanks to its scratch-resistant build.

Available in three versatile lengths – 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches – you can select the perfect fit for her unique style and preference. From a close and intimate embrace of the 16-inch length to the elegant grace of the 20-inch version, there's a Heart Chain for every moment.

At Humble Legends Jewelry, your satisfaction is our pride. Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to reach out to us via email at HumbleLegends@mail.com or connect with our instant chat messenger. We're here to ensure your experience is as exceptional as the jewelry we create.

Thank you for entrusting us with your special moments. With the Exquisite Heart Necklace, you're not just gifting jewelry – you're gifting an everlasting memory, a token of your affection that will be cherished for a lifetime. Choose Humble Legends Jewelry, where every piece tells a story of love and luxury.
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Heart Necklace - Humble Legends
Heart Necklace - Humble Legends
Heart Necklace - Humble Legends
Heart Necklace - Humble Legends

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How long is shipping?

Processing time: 1-3 business days (3 - 5 weeks for personalized jewelry) Shipping time: We ship the same business day!  However, shipping times vary due to the options of standard shipping or express selected by the customer.  

DELIVERY TIME: we provide next day shipping and the shipping process may only be delayed during peak times, holidays, etc.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally and worldwide. However, delivery times may differ depending on the country and shipping options.

Wow! So your jewelry ships on the same business day?

Yes! Except for personalized jewelry (approximately 3 - 5 weeks)

Lifetime Warranty

Do You Have A Jewelry Warranty?

Yes! We are committed to ensuring the quality of your purchase; we stand behind everything that we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. We will repair and maintain your jewelry for a lifetime.

All of our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is inspected prior to shipment.

In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry or you are in need of other services that are not covered under our lifetime warranty, your jewelry can be mailed back to our office for evaluation*. Once inspected, should charges apply, you will be notified prior to any work being done to service your jewelry.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to return your item(s) to take advantage of our free lifetime warranty or request additional repair work needed to service your Humble Legends Jewelry.

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Jewelry Care

How Should I Take Care Of My Jewelry?

  • Store properly

Keep jewelry in a clean, dry place, such as a drawer with a soft tissue or paper wrapped around each piece. You can also store jewelry in its original packaging or a soft pouch.

  • Avoid chemicals

Avoid chemicals that may contain harsh abrasives, such as jewelry cleaner, polish, and beauty products.

  • Avoid wet jewelry

Remove jewelry before getting wet.

  • Clean jewelry

After wearing jewelry, use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe it and remove any lotions. You can also soak jewelry in a solution of warm water, 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and 1/2 teaspoon of ammonia-based household cleaner. Soak for about 5 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft-toothbrush. You can air dry or towel dry with a paper towel or regular cloth.

  • Store different gems separately

Store silver in cotton or felt compartments, and keep gold jewelry separate from silver jewelry.

  • Don't sleep with jewelry on

Never sleep with jewelry on, including rings and small earrings. Wearing jewelry to bed can lead to damage, including bent prongs.

Will My Jewelry Tarnish?

All fashion jewelry can tarnish, and some will tarnish faster than others. This is because over time, jewelry comes into contact with moisture, acids, oils, and air, which react with the metal and cause it to wear down and tarnish. Tarnish is natural and inevitable, and doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your jewelry. The time it takes for a necklace to tarnish depends on several factors, such as the type of metal, the environment it's in, and how often it's worn. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years for a necklace to tarnish. Here are some tips for keeping your jewelry from tarnishing:

  • Keep jewelry clean and dry: Before storing jewelry, make sure it's clean and dry. Moisture can cause the metal to tarnish or degrade much more quickly.
  • Store jewelry in airtight boxes: Display racks expose jewelry to the outside air and humidity, making it faster for them to tarnish. Instead, store jewelry in airtight boxes that close properly.
  • Store jewelry in a dry and dark place: Jewelry should also be in a room that isn't too hot and humid.

Some metals are known for their durability and resistance to tarnishing and fading, including:

  • Platinum
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Certain types of gold (like 18k or 24k gold)

Gold-plated jewelry is made by applying a thin layer of gold onto another metal, such as sterling silver. Over time, the gold plating may wear away or become scratched, which can expose the silver underneath.

Is Your Jewelry Water Proof?

Generally, jewelry made from the following metals is waterproof and doesn't need to be removed: Stainless steel, Solid gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, Aluminum, Implant grade titanium, Sterling silver. Other metals, like copper, brass, or bronze, can turn your skin green if they get wet. Some other things to consider include:

  • Plastic and glass jewelry: Can be worn in the shower and at the beach, but you should wipe them down or air dry them.
  • All jewelry: shouldn't be soaked in water for long periods of time, as it can damage the jewelry's finish or look.
  • Watches: Unless listed as waterproof, watches aren't good for water.
  • Electronics: Anything with electronics is generally not waterproof.

Enjoy Our Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy a lifetime guarantee with our jewelry warranty

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