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Sustainability Promise

What materials do you use?

We don’t need mining anymore. By utilizing recycled gold and cultured diamonds, we preserve the integrity of nature. Every piece we create is meticulously designed and crafted with recycled 18-Karat solid gold and conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, reflecting our dedication to both quality and ethical practices.

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What is responsible sourcing?

At Humble Legends Jewelry, responsible sourcing is at the heart of our ethos. We meticulously select suppliers who share our commitment to fair labor, sustainable practices, and ethical principles, ensuring that every piece we create tells a story of social and environmental responsibility while radiating timeless beauty.

Personalized Jewelry

Can I send any type of picture for the photo pendants?

While we welcome your cherished memories, it's essential to provide clear, high-quality images for the best results. Blurry pictures may not yield the desired outcome in terms of pendant quality. For pendants that have a dividing feature, like the "Personalized Butterfly Necklace," we recommend selecting images with fewer individuals to ensure that each person is captured clearly and beautifully within the pendant's design. This way, you can enjoy a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing keepsake.

Is there a letter limit for the nameplate pendants?

Yes, we recommend a limit on the number of characters or letters for optimal design and legibility. While we strive to accommodate your preferences, exceeding a certain character count may affect the overall aesthetics and readability of the jewelry.

Jewelry Tips

How to care for my jewelry?

Caring for your jewelry ensures that it remains as stunning as the day you first wore it. Here are some essential tips to maintain the beauty and longevity of your Humble Legends Jewelry pieces:

1. Avoid Exposure to Harsh Chemicals: Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals, such as perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, and cleaning agents. These substances can damage the finish and shine of your jewelry.

2. Store Separately:Store each piece of jewelry separately to prevent scratching. Use soft pouches or individual compartments in a jewelry box to prevent tangling and abrasions.

3. Remove Before Activities: Remove your jewelry before engaging in activities that might expose it to excessive moisture, sweat, or impact. This includes swimming, exercising, gardening, and cleaning.

4. Clean Gently: Clean your jewelry regularly to remove dirt and oils. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the surface. For more thorough cleaning, you can use warm, soapy water and a soft brush to reach crevices.

5. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme temperatures can affect the materials in your jewelry. Avoid leaving your jewelry in direct sunlight, excessive heat, or cold environments for prolonged periods.

6. Proper Storage: When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it in humid areas like bathrooms.

7. Polishing: To restore the shine of your jewelry, you can use specialized jewelry polishing cloths or creams. However, be cautious with plated items, as excessive polishing can wear down the plating.

8. Remove Before Bed: It's advisable to remove your jewelry before going to bed to prevent damage caused by friction against bedding.

9. Be Mindful While Wearing: Be cautious when wearing jewelry with intricate designs, gemstones, or delicate components. Avoid excessive force that might cause damage.

10. Check Settings Regularly: For jewelry with gemstones or settings, periodically check for loose stones or settings. If you notice anything amiss, have it professionally inspected and repaired.

11. Professional Cleaning: For pieces with intricate designs, gemstones, or valuable metals, consider professional cleaning and maintenance from time to time.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy your Humble Legends Jewelry for years to come. Each piece is designed with care, and your thoughtful maintenance will help preserve its allure and sentimental value.

Will it tarnish or turn green?

Our jewelry brand uses high-quality materials and finishes that are resistant to tarnishing and discoloration, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.


How long is shipping?

We ship the same business day! (3 - 5 weeks for personalized jewelry)  However, shipping times vary due to the options of standard shipping or express selected by the customer.

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How do I track my order?

A shipping confirmation will be emailed to you after your purchase and you can check the progress of your order with our "Track Your Order" link.

What if my item is damaged during shipping?

If your item is damaged during shipping, please email us at HumbleLegends@mail.com with a picture of the damage within 30 days for a possible replacement. (Be advised that replacements will be considered upon proof of damages)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we at Humble Legends Jewelry offer international shipping services, ensuring customers worldwide can enjoy our products delivered directly to their doorsteps.

I received the wrong item, can I exchange?

Yes, if you received the wrong size or item, we offer free U.S. exchanges.

Why are the wait times longer for personalized jewelry?

The extended wait times for personalized jewelry orders (3-5 weeks) are due to the meticulous process involved in customization, which includes crafting, individualized design adjustments, and quality checks to ensure each piece meets our high standards before shipment.

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